Loving Atmospheric Presence

A gentle rain blessed the Earth here on the southern Oregon coast most of the morning. Wind, almost still, with only the sound of rain, I breathed in the loving atmospheric presence from a sheltered place. A one hundred year old redwood tree graces my yard with harmony, patience, and wisdom. It beckoned me to meditate beneath the sanctuary of its branches.

Blue sky appeared for a while this afternoon. Sun warmed the Earth on this mid-November day and a bright rainbow appeared in the north. Later, as the sun set, the ocean sounded in the distance. This evening more rain, which stopped for a time allowing me to walk outdoors to take in the dark night sky brilliant with fall stars. Sirius shone brightly. I feel an affinity with this brightest star shining into my heart. I allow it to fill my being and radiate from me to bless all of humanity, all life. I am at peace.

Many years ago I came across the term “Atmospheric Presence” in reference to God (Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher, by Jane Roberts). It resonated with me. I could feel a loving presence permeating the air, all of nature, wildlife, and every aspect of my being. For the first time in my life I truly felt Oneness with All That Is. Not an entity outside of me sitting in the sky, but everywhere within and around me and everyone, in everything. A loving presence that supports, does not judge, but allows and loves unconditionally. Now I experience this Loving Atmospheric Presence pervading my life. I feel renewed and grateful each day, and wanted to share this feeling with all of you. May each of you be blessed and at peace.

In love and light…



Your Essence Is Love. Love Yourself

We are born into the Light of Oneness with the Source in innocence and trust. Divine consciousness is fresh at birth. We forget our Divine heritage as our beliefs become enculturated.

In our culture, love of self/Self is misconstrued as egotism or arrogance.  From childhood and into adulthood messages that we are not okay when we love ourselves, take care of ourselves, nurture ourselves, become ingrained. As we mature and begin to evaluate our lives, it takes a bit of courage to say, “Yes, I love me!” without going into feelings of judgment and guilt about it. It is allowing yourself to feel vulnerable in a culture where beliefs of self-love and self-worth are scorned. Until we embrace that our essence is love and it is beautiful to love ourselves, judgment will continue to pop up in our lives. And it seems to take a long time to get it, to move through the layers of social and cultural programming.

We are in this life experience together. Separation is an illusion. The feeling of separateness creates a challenge to love ourselves, each other, and be vulnerable. In each moment we have the choice to live in fear and close down, or to live in love with an open heart. Our choices are made one decision at a time, and there are no wrong choices. The multitude of situations in daily life offer a choice between love and fear in our thoughts, words, and actions. Each situation is an opportunity to expand the light of Love within. We are always on our path of becoming and we are all part of the shifting Earth energies. We are truly living in wonderful and exciting times of transformation in each moment. One by one humanity is  growing in awareness, remembering that all of humanity is One and all life is sacred.

Celebrate humanity’s expanding consciousness into Divine Oneness of Being. Allow your essence to illuminate your life in each moment. Love yourself.

Namaste, I honor the Divinity in you.


Copyright © Linda L. Nielsen 2012. All rights reserved.

Keeping It Simple

These are indeed luminescent times! Frequencies of Light and Love are quickening and enlivening Earth. Everyone is touched by this phenomenon, and at some deep level everyone is aware of what is occurring. It can feel as if life is speeding up and we are caught in a whirlwind of activity. At these times simply slow down and Be for just five minutes. Breathe deeply. There is no need to rush. Nothing to do for these five minutes while knowing that everything is accomplished at the appropriate time.

We are blessed to be living on Earth during these auspicious times of transformation into the Light. It is occurring on a global scale. Regardless of what is reported on the news as a means of instilling fear of the unknown, embrace each moment of life with joyful awareness, knowing that past and future moments flow from the present. Only the “Now” moment is known in this Earth experience. Relax into it. Feel it. Live it from your heart.

There are expanding communities of light around the world dedicated to creating harmony and peace with the presence and transmission of Love.  Join with them from wherever you are. Join with the unseen support from the multiverses. Acknowledge your Oneness with the Earth with each breath. Breathe with the Earth and feel her breathing with you and all life. There is no separation. With the power of our voices–speaking, singing, chanting,  and sounding with intention from our essence–we are purifying the air and waters of our beautiful Mother Earth, restoring balance in her forests, deserts, mountains, valleys, and meadows, so that all life is thriving in abundance. Each person has a role to play in restoring Earth to her pristine beauty, harmony, love and light. All is Love and we are never alone. As we heal ourselves, we heal the Earth.

Expansion of human consciousness is occurring. Allow it. Realize it and acknowledge our Oneness of Being with All That Is. This is my vision. Add your lighthearted beauty to the vision. Sing with life as life sings with you. Everywhere others are singing with us.

Namaste, I honor the Divinity in you.


Copyright © Linda L. Nielsen 2012 & Beyond. All rights reserved.