Loving Atmospheric Presence

A gentle rain blessed the Earth here on the southern Oregon coast most of the morning. Wind, almost still, with only the sound of rain, I breathed in the loving atmospheric presence from a sheltered place. A one hundred year old redwood tree graces my yard with harmony, patience, and wisdom. It beckoned me to meditate beneath the sanctuary of its branches.

Blue sky appeared for a while this afternoon. Sun warmed the Earth on this mid-November day and a bright rainbow appeared in the north. Later, as the sun set, the ocean sounded in the distance. This evening more rain, which stopped for a time allowing me to walk outdoors to take in the dark night sky brilliant with fall stars. Sirius shone brightly. I feel an affinity with this brightest star shining into my heart. I allow it to fill my being and radiate from me to bless all of humanity, all life. I am at peace.

Many years ago I came across the term “Atmospheric Presence” in reference to God (Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher, by Jane Roberts). It resonated with me. I could feel a loving presence permeating the air, all of nature, wildlife, and every aspect of my being. For the first time in my life I truly felt Oneness with All That Is. Not an entity outside of me sitting in the sky, but everywhere within and around me and everyone, in everything. A loving presence that supports, does not judge, but allows and loves unconditionally. Now I experience this Loving Atmospheric Presence pervading my life. I feel renewed and grateful each day, and wanted to share this feeling with all of you. May each of you be blessed and at peace.

In love and light…



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