Your Essence Is Love. Love Yourself

We are born into the Light of Oneness with the Source in innocence and trust. Divine consciousness is fresh at birth. We forget our Divine heritage as our beliefs become enculturated.

In our culture, love of self/Self is misconstrued as egotism or arrogance.  From childhood and into adulthood messages that we are not okay when we love ourselves, take care of ourselves, nurture ourselves, become ingrained. As we mature and begin to evaluate our lives, it takes a bit of courage to say, “Yes, I love me!” without going into feelings of judgment and guilt about it. It is allowing yourself to feel vulnerable in a culture where beliefs of self-love and self-worth are scorned. Until we embrace that our essence is love and it is beautiful to love ourselves, judgment will continue to pop up in our lives. And it seems to take a long time to get it, to move through the layers of social and cultural programming.

We are in this life experience together. Separation is an illusion. The feeling of separateness creates a challenge to love ourselves, each other, and be vulnerable. In each moment we have the choice to live in fear and close down, or to live in love with an open heart. Our choices are made one decision at a time, and there are no wrong choices. The multitude of situations in daily life offer a choice between love and fear in our thoughts, words, and actions. Each situation is an opportunity to expand the light of Love within. We are always on our path of becoming and we are all part of the shifting Earth energies. We are truly living in wonderful and exciting times of transformation in each moment. One by one humanity is  growing in awareness, remembering that all of humanity is One and all life is sacred.

Celebrate humanity’s expanding consciousness into Divine Oneness of Being. Allow your essence to illuminate your life in each moment. Love yourself.

Namaste, I honor the Divinity in you.


Copyright © Linda L. Nielsen 2012. All rights reserved.